26 March 2009

up : BWC the Jr~

Hye.. Sorry guys cz i'm upload this photo bit late. [I've some problem to transfer those pict from my new hp to pc. huhuhu] Still remember Faryn?? here we go, The gorgeous Faryn!!

-- Yeash!! This is Faryn.. Cute Gurl~ --

-- Excited, But Afraid to Hold --

-- Crowning Kay & her Baby --

== Aktiviti lepas tgk baby, lunchy lunch @ TonyRoma's --

2 Orang Baik Hati:

.darrr dy. said...

kalo dapat abby boy lak letak nama fahrin. hiks =D

~@RniE~ said...

mmg itu pon niat diorg~.. well.. next will be Fahrin la plak kot! hehehe

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