31 March 2009


Yup!! Yup!! another brand new story telling [movie] by well-known director Yasmin Ahmad. Who else in Malaysia can be the best like her. She got her own way to give soul in each of her masterpiece. And the latest one is TALENTIME..

A talent search competition has matched two hearts - that of Melur, a Malay-mixed girl and an Indian male student, Mahesh. Melur, with her melodious voice, singing whilst playing the piano is one of the seven finalists of the Talentime competition of her school organised by Cikgu Adibah. Likewise Hafiz, enthralling with his vocalist talent while playing the guitar, divides his time between school and mother, who is hospitalised for brain tumor.

I watched this Movie last Sunday with my lovely dubby ZAM. This TALENTIME is about 2hours story, full with real life story. Happy, sad, comedy... it's COMPLETE!! They make me laugh and cry with them...I'm agreed with ZAM!! It was SUPERB Movie. 5 stars for TALENTIME!!

But as usual "Sayang, Nape cite best camni panggung kosong jer?"
"This is malay story sayang..It's not like outside's movie.
Now our job is to separate the words to everybody..." - said ZAM with a big smile to me.

Pity to us.. :(
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Syuf-Fyq said...

It might as well because of how they market their product (movie). As you can see, the appearance of its poster doesn't really look tempting. It's more to darkness, sadness and each individual in the poster isn't smiling. Erk? Well, I felt like.. "Erk? Citer ape ni?" because it's Talentime but with those kind of expression. Huhuhu~ No doubt Yasmin Ahmad is a very good director, however, she should try to be open-minded a little bit to know other people's impression towards movies appearance. :D Hehehe!

~@RniE~ said...

Hehehe.. yup, I do agree with you cyfiq. myb the promotion is not good enough. So its hard for them to achieve their target rite. but through her, we got new talents in our industry. :D

~@RniE~ said...

i agree with the both of u..but however, from my point of view, there are 2 ways of looking into the matter. one is of course the ordinary way off looking it (our way) on the other hand the more IN to it way. looking in the aspect of the art itself. the gloomy of the poster can raise up questions for some people, why the title is TALENTIME but everybody dont look that happy, curiosity stuck them. well, the bottom line is for me, Malaysian can make good muvee, its just that the market is not as strong neither as wide as those in the other MUVEE TYCOON. Job well done YASMIN AHMAD..n thanks syg for suggesting the muvee to me

Husnibaby:My Emancipation said...

erm..couldn't agree more..since i watched this movie alone..i had to be the 1st person to get off the hall..hahaha..then str8 to the toilet..huhu..it wasn't perfectly perfect, but it's kinda complete here n there..4 a malay movie, this is outstanding...(^_^)

Cik Oren said...

aku mahu tgk..tapi masih lagi x berkesempatan..huhu

~@RniE~ said...

To Zul : haha..kalo cite2 camni dah tao da nape Zul kuar awal and straight away go to toilet kan... hihihi.. no big deal. Cz u still a warm-kind-hearted person kan... :D

To cik juju : Pi la tgk cepat..nnt da abes tayangan, bawu melepas. best tao.. awal2 tuh macam blur cket. tp lama2 dah paham dah.. cara Yasmin Ahmad kan..

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