25 March 2009

3 Days to go.. EARTH HOUR!!

Guys!! I'm sure y'll know about this. The Earth Hour!! For those who are not sign up yet, just follow 2 simple steps. What u only need to do is:
  1. Sign up at http://earthhour.org.my
  2. On 28 March 2009, 8.30pm to 9.30pm - Turn off the lights. Yup!! only for 1 hour!!
Common guys..Lets show that WE also care about our world. Lets show that Malaysian also love our mother earth. [80 countries will be involved ok..] Only 1 hour need.. In fact we can save the electricity bills. :D Just give mother nature a break..

Pray for our nature...
Lot's of love,
[Proud to be Malaysian]

1 Orang Baik Hati:

Syuf-Fyq said...

Ngee! Yup yup! Can't wait for the Earth Hour here! Every suburbs are going to be really-really dark and it's going to be very interesting! Hehehe! :D

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