22 August 2008

1st Ink?!

Hola to all peeps!~ I'm glad at last my heart is open to write something here. I dunno why I took so long to write anything in here since last 2 years!! hehuuu... well, I like to keep it in my mind or told it with my mouth rather than to type it on the machine. coz I've been almost 4 years dedicate my mind n lovely fingers :p to type n codes all the programmes [lol].

Last 2 years, I've seen one of my friend has her own blogs.It was so cool and has alot of stuff there. So I think I want to have it also. Then I've started creating my blog.But suddenly I realize that.. I'm too bad in writing. I've tried to write something here... but when I came to 3th phase, I like to be urghhhh... then I Ctrl + A then I click Backspace button happily..hahahaha.. :D

Now I dun wanna do it anymore. I try to at least keep updating my blog every month!~ [yeah..macam sangat bangang jer]. But don't worry, everyday is a new day, facing new problems, experience new things, and this is A JOURNEY of Our LIfe .. [so musti ade nye karang lam blog neh..]

it's 6.20pm already..nak gi siap2 main futsal ngn opismate at sport arena cyberjaya..hihihi...till then..

~ EnD