29 January 2009

Gathering Geng Makan?!

Well if y'll still remember previous post aku ade sedikit kebengongan kerana tatao nak blk kedah ngn ape sbb ade reunion member - member matrix aku. at last aku berjaya atasinyer dengan bantuan NengNong untuk membooking tiket bas balik ke Kedah pada 25hb pagi. seems like its too late to going back home on that date. Tapi semangat yang membara untuk pulang ke Kedah sangat kuat..hehu..

kembali ke topik asal. Pada hari kejadian yakni pada reunion tersebut [24jan2009], ktorg setting jumpe kat Beger King @ Midvelly [sbb McD and KFC kene band kan..]. We had our branch [breakfast + Lunch] there. Had a goooood chitchat after 5 years! Only Ad, NengNong, Reen, BomBom, E1 and Hizami can make it, without Nad and Aidil yg sangat Bz nyer, we still can laugh like 5 years ago at Cafe B KMK! ouh.. sungguh touching bile dapat gather kembali..

Actually they are my best buddies back at KMK (Kedah Matriculation Collage). We started make up like bro and sis after 2nd semester. Only E1 and Ad were my ex-classmate. The rest were from other classes and other course.[Aidil + Reen in Hayat Course and Hizami & bomBom were from Account Fizik (tapi kuliah lain)].

oke oke.. pasal reunion tadi, lepas makan makan, ktorg decide ma pegi kara-kara. So we go to RedBox @ Gardens. melalak sampai abes anak tekak kesakitan..terus lepak makan kat secret recipe. ouh.. I hate their services. damn SLOW!!~ sibaik dalam RedBox tadi ade makan2 hi-Tea. Then after that anta bombom balik kolej dia, anta neng balik packing then bawak E1 and Hizami jalan2 putrajaya.. malam tuh aku ngn neng tido kat umah Ad coz tomorrow morning she will send us at Kajang bus Station.

Moral of the Story : Happy to gather back!!~ wakaka....
p/s : click on the pict if u wanna see it in bigger size!


-- Got kiss from my hot Babe, Ad --

-- Part time model.. hahaha..koya --

-- girls : Reen, NengNong, Me & Ad --

-- With Hizami in front of RedBox @ Gardens --

-- Keletihan..Sibaik x kene picit ngn tangan Gaint itu~ --

-- Yes!! that Us! Me, Ad, Neng, Reen, BomBom, E1 & Hizami --

-- @Ad's House tersandar menanti Ad bersiap b4 goin to Putrajaya --

-- Keriangan tahap Maksima bile jumpe padang rumput. aish~ --


21 January 2009

Crying For Jumper..Big Hug for Him~

Huh!!~ Where shud I start?? I feel very terrible today. many things "Happen" to US~[me & ZAM].. 1st thing 1st, Jumper accident!! It happen yesterday evening when ZAM on his way to his Bowling League. Yes!!~ when Kak Nurul told me, I feel like coma for a while | collaps my words~ OUH...


16 January 2009

Gorgeous Friday Morning..

Morning - Morning peeps~ Pagi Jumaat! hurmm.. I think I would like to wear one of my lovely Baju Kurung. Dah lama aku x pakai baju kurung tu pegi office. Bile sampai – sampai ofis aje, sume terkejot sbb aku kononnye sangat ayu arini. Tambah – tambah bile seng pon pakai kemeja yang menampakan kecomelan nyer. Sebenarnye company ktorg tak strict sangat. Ktorg bebas berpakaian ke ofis. Sampai kdg2 short ngn tshirt pon xper. Huhuhu…

Ok..ok.. pagi tadi on the way nak pegi ofis, aku nampak budak – budak sekolah ade mini marathon. Tetiba teringat plak aku masa aku skolah dulu-dulu.. Rindu plak nak masuk blaja balik. Lepak n bersukan kat sekolah. Dalam byk – byk form, aku paling ingat form 4. Tapi kenangan paling indah masa aku form 3. Nape form 3? Hihihi.. sebab aku sangat chubby time tuh! Dah happy sangat kan.. lagi tensen ngn PMR, lagi kuat aku makan.. huh~

Tapi nape Form 4 plak paling aku ingat? Hurmm.. sebab itu Honeymoon aku ngn ADHAMISS yang lain. Gile malas nak blaja tahap #&^%@*.. Sungguh tidak patot. Tapi aku bersyukur, sbb kenangan di high school adalah kenangan terindah aku. Sumenyer diabadikan dalam gambar. [time tuh xde digital camera lagi.] hihihi…

Well to all Bahiyah’s Girls batch 98/02, good luck in whatever you do. And hope one day, we manage to do some BIG reunion @ our school back~ Miss my ADHAMISS, miss All of you.. Ok lah, I need to go, lots of work need to be settle ASAP~


9 January 2009

Up : Engagement | Wedding Month~

hi people! I think I shud share this pics with u guys. I'm sorry cz some pict bit shaking [damn camera]. Just enjoy the pict at Maria's engagement ceremony~

p/s : sorry guys, the most important part [time berbincang uh] xdapat nak rakam sbb da penuh org dlm rumah.

-- kekecohan di bilik Maria >> make up time --

-- Maria & Hazem with all the "Hantaran" --

-- Me & Ad are happy for Maria --

-- BWC rulez! oh, Ezza miss this moment!! --

-- Enjoying pemes emes after Kenduri~ yummy --

8 January 2009

Kekompiusan Melanda~

Kekompiusan melanda~

"Morning ppl. da kmfem our small gath w b on 24/1.skng plan nak lepak mane je.any idea? yg dtg,aku,neng,arni,adha,mie,e1,n reen. Nad xdpt dhubungi.aidl plak ade evnt."

This msg I've got from Ad just now. aiyaaaa~ that time also I need to go back to my hometown! da plan da nak blk Kedah bersama- sama ZAM. And Angah [adek ZAM] will follow us balik kampung also. kalo ZAM, mmg 23hb ptg tuh gak dia nak blk da. What to do now?! really Blur! Nie geng makan aku time blaja kt matrix Kedah dulu. and after that we never meet until now. so this small reunion is big thing for me~ hurmmm... I need to clear my mind.. Relex... Relex...

Got any idea?? uwaaaaaaaaaaaa.. H.E.L.P!!~

6 January 2009

Working Blues Day - whateva!

Hohoho.. Happy Birthday to my lovely bestfriend - K'un!! Wishing you have a very memoriable birthday that you ever had dear.. She is now 24. the eldest one in my sweet girlfriends [K'un.Ijan.Darlin.Mar.Sheemi & Shikin] I really miss my ADHAMISS so much. Miss the past good time together. have girls gossip! OMG..[my eyes..banyak habuklah kat sini!]

Today I'mma bit busy. Until I saw one of my ofismate done his DSR [our daily blog]. 060109 - aiyaaa~ Besday K'un!! I reach my phone.. tot tet tot tet dailing her number.. ringing about 2 sec then I canceled it! how rude I am!! huh~ the truth is, suddenly I got the idea how to settle my task. [this is the bad habit of progammer.trust me!!]

Then I write her a msg ...
"K'un..Sowi weh cal2 hg then aku letak.bz cket td. aku saja nak wish happy besday.syukurlah aku ingat lagi besday hg.haha..dah 24 dah..cpat tol masa berlalu.teringat masa kita 10 tahun dulu. kelas 2C. makan, blaja, sampai g toilet pun sama - sama. aku rindu time dulu - dulu.papun jadi, hang tetap sahabat aku dunia akhirat n aku sayang hang dari dulu sampai skrg.take care gurl.emuuaaahh. -arni"

Time aku karang mengarang uh, bergenang air mata aku. isk~

tup tup.. ZAM anta balik msg yang aku kasi kat K'un tadi. aiyaaaa.. rupe2nye tersilap anta..bengong tol.. malunyerrrrrr~ But he very supportive. He said he proud of me and my friendship with my sweet ADHAMISS girl friends.

ouh.. you wanna know what I wrote in my DSR?
"As usual work in Optipro. Good news is I've settled the yesterday's problem! After discuss with Ceasar, i found the solution. The problem is because I put the FileUpload control inside the Update Panel. Well my bad! But I wondering why...Hmmm.. later I'll try to figure out if have any time to do research.Now Bhaskar will continue the inserting into database part. But I still updating that page such as the look and feel part and some forgoten control.[my bad again!]. I plan to continue the stack ranking task. But I need to discuss with Mr. Deep first.. :)


Qoute of The Day (QTD) : "Don't put FileUpload inside Update Panel!" "



2 January 2009

Welcome 2009!!~

2008, filled with full of joy and happiness. Some sad story is must to make our life more meaningful. Same goes to me. I wrapped it with smile and lots of hope. Past these years I’ve learnt a lot! Especially about relationship, friendship, loyalty, trust, heartbroken and... I pray to God, to make this coming 2009 more exciting and joy. Welcome 2009!! And Goodbye 2008~

I do celebrate too!! I’ve tried to find some places where far away from hectic and crowded people. But still don’t want to miss the celebration. And I made it! [Yay~] I went up to Look Out point at Ampang. Yes! The Look Out Point is the best place! Up there I can see the whole KL. I can see many places down there lights up the fireworks and some of them use “mercun thunderclaps” [correct me if wrong].

Then we went to Shah Alam. Nothing much just “lepaking” at mamak stall and have good chitchat with my ZAM, Musa and Kak Nurul. And oh ya.. I bought 2 dresses at uptown like at outside Plaza Anggrik. I didn’t know what people call it but it’s like uptown life! I got these 2 dresses came from Japan, but bit old fashion. Never mind coz it still worth it to have it as my collections. Ha-ha.

New Year come means partying for some people. But for me, it’s enough to get together with my buddies, have dinner together and spend some times enjoying the fireworks then go home. Hehehe.. sounds like Budak Baik jer.. Werkk~ That malam New Year pon mama ade call tanya gi mane – mane tak? Hehehe jujur saya menjawab. My family also celebrates New Year at my hometown. But they went for family badminton tournament. Seronoknyer kalao dapat join. Hmmm..

Actually I miss my family so much. I wanna go back home. I think this coming Raya Cina shud be ok.. Huhuhu. Take care everyone. And happy New Year!!