9 January 2009

Up : Engagement | Wedding Month~

hi people! I think I shud share this pics with u guys. I'm sorry cz some pict bit shaking [damn camera]. Just enjoy the pict at Maria's engagement ceremony~

p/s : sorry guys, the most important part [time berbincang uh] xdapat nak rakam sbb da penuh org dlm rumah.

-- kekecohan di bilik Maria >> make up time --

-- Maria & Hazem with all the "Hantaran" --

-- Me & Ad are happy for Maria --

-- BWC rulez! oh, Ezza miss this moment!! --

-- Enjoying pemes emes after Kenduri~ yummy --

2 Orang Baik Hati:

newman said...

fantastic snaps

~@RniE~ said...

hahaha.. thanks newman BTW it's not too good, but still can try my luck later~

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