2 January 2009

Welcome 2009!!~

2008, filled with full of joy and happiness. Some sad story is must to make our life more meaningful. Same goes to me. I wrapped it with smile and lots of hope. Past these years I’ve learnt a lot! Especially about relationship, friendship, loyalty, trust, heartbroken and... I pray to God, to make this coming 2009 more exciting and joy. Welcome 2009!! And Goodbye 2008~

I do celebrate too!! I’ve tried to find some places where far away from hectic and crowded people. But still don’t want to miss the celebration. And I made it! [Yay~] I went up to Look Out point at Ampang. Yes! The Look Out Point is the best place! Up there I can see the whole KL. I can see many places down there lights up the fireworks and some of them use “mercun thunderclaps” [correct me if wrong].

Then we went to Shah Alam. Nothing much just “lepaking” at mamak stall and have good chitchat with my ZAM, Musa and Kak Nurul. And oh ya.. I bought 2 dresses at uptown like at outside Plaza Anggrik. I didn’t know what people call it but it’s like uptown life! I got these 2 dresses came from Japan, but bit old fashion. Never mind coz it still worth it to have it as my collections. Ha-ha.

New Year come means partying for some people. But for me, it’s enough to get together with my buddies, have dinner together and spend some times enjoying the fireworks then go home. Hehehe.. sounds like Budak Baik jer.. Werkk~ That malam New Year pon mama ade call tanya gi mane – mane tak? Hehehe jujur saya menjawab. My family also celebrates New Year at my hometown. But they went for family badminton tournament. Seronoknyer kalao dapat join. Hmmm..

Actually I miss my family so much. I wanna go back home. I think this coming Raya Cina shud be ok.. Huhuhu. Take care everyone. And happy New Year!!


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