6 January 2009

Working Blues Day - whateva!

Hohoho.. Happy Birthday to my lovely bestfriend - K'un!! Wishing you have a very memoriable birthday that you ever had dear.. She is now 24. the eldest one in my sweet girlfriends [K'un.Ijan.Darlin.Mar.Sheemi & Shikin] I really miss my ADHAMISS so much. Miss the past good time together. have girls gossip! OMG..[my eyes..banyak habuklah kat sini!]

Today I'mma bit busy. Until I saw one of my ofismate done his DSR [our daily blog]. 060109 - aiyaaa~ Besday K'un!! I reach my phone.. tot tet tot tet dailing her number.. ringing about 2 sec then I canceled it! how rude I am!! huh~ the truth is, suddenly I got the idea how to settle my task. [this is the bad habit of progammer.trust me!!]

Then I write her a msg ...
"K'un..Sowi weh cal2 hg then aku letak.bz cket td. aku saja nak wish happy besday.syukurlah aku ingat lagi besday hg.haha..dah 24 dah..cpat tol masa berlalu.teringat masa kita 10 tahun dulu. kelas 2C. makan, blaja, sampai g toilet pun sama - sama. aku rindu time dulu - dulu.papun jadi, hang tetap sahabat aku dunia akhirat n aku sayang hang dari dulu sampai skrg.take care gurl.emuuaaahh. -arni"

Time aku karang mengarang uh, bergenang air mata aku. isk~

tup tup.. ZAM anta balik msg yang aku kasi kat K'un tadi. aiyaaaa.. rupe2nye tersilap anta..bengong tol.. malunyerrrrrr~ But he very supportive. He said he proud of me and my friendship with my sweet ADHAMISS girl friends.

ouh.. you wanna know what I wrote in my DSR?
"As usual work in Optipro. Good news is I've settled the yesterday's problem! After discuss with Ceasar, i found the solution. The problem is because I put the FileUpload control inside the Update Panel. Well my bad! But I wondering why...Hmmm.. later I'll try to figure out if have any time to do research.Now Bhaskar will continue the inserting into database part. But I still updating that page such as the look and feel part and some forgoten control.[my bad again!]. I plan to continue the stack ranking task. But I need to discuss with Mr. Deep first.. :)


Qoute of The Day (QTD) : "Don't put FileUpload inside Update Panel!" "



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