24 February 2010

4K : Kerana Kasihkan si Kedek-Kedek

Last 2 days, I'm really 'mandom' and not in a good mood. Dunno what shud I do. Its tOo personal to reveal it out loud. but its normal rite.. sometimes we need pressure to survive in this world. No matter how big there are, actually you learn something from it. Like how much daya tahan and daya inersia you untuk counter back pressure and high temperature yang ada. Hahaha.. oke, I know I mengarut.

today, in the morning once I
turn on my PC, I think I should open the second tab inside my igoogle. I want to see my little pingu doing. Kesian diorg dah lama I x melawat... T___T They are soo cute! I wish I could go to kutub utara and bring it back to msia. satu pon jadilah! hahaha.. senget! Then I saw this
By Rick Levine
You have been through an emotional wringer, yet today you may be feeling like the pressure is easing and that you can breathe deeply again. You have no need to worry if your desires are not being fulfilled in this moment, for at least your wishes are being heard and progress toward satisfaction is imminent. Instead of waiting for a more perfect day, be open to the pleasures that find you in the here and now.
Hah!! Im not horos freek that needs to look for it everyday. Seriously I'm not~ But I realize that today will be better then yesterday! And the day after will be greater than today. :D

p/s Sabar boleh sabar. cuma kita tak tahu sampai bila..just be yourself and settle it one by one. because what past is past and it will never come back~

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