16 September 2009

Pokcik Berjanggot Reply ah!~

Subject: RE: I'm Disappointed

I know you guys are not happy, rather angry with me and thinking I’m not understanding your situation, I don’t learn, Its my habit, I don’t know how to do business and so on. Let me try to tell you my side of story, once again…

I’m sure you guys must be following news, we are in the worst ever recession, the world has ever faced and it is more than one year [exactly one year back Lehman Brother collapsed, a company with many decades of history and billion dollars in bank] and you guys think we are just immune from it. Actually we were quite okay initially, but this is prolonged way too long and all our buffers were vanished within 3-4 months.

You are talking about 7 years, just to give you an example, one of our client TMS is almost 18 years old company, public listed, they were supposed to pay us in the beginning of this month and they said, they don’t have money to pay now and can only pay by end of this month, what can I do. And its not the only client, we now have almost 160k due from our clients, they simple don’t have money to pay.

I’m not paying you guys, cause I don’t have money and its not that I don’t want to pay.

You may call me lousy business man, can’t force my clients to pay or whatever, but I don’t have a choice, I can’t suit them they are long term customers and even suing won’t get me money, cause they also don’t have it.

I agree No one likes asking for money, me too, but since last many months, I’ve tried almost every avenue of funding, literally begging and only I know how I feel. For so many months now, I’m always out of office, I’m spending 95% of my time trying to arrange money and spend only 5% on the real work. Think about the productivity lose, because you all have to wait to discuss things with me.

I do know the importance of Hari Raya and that is why when I couldn’t arrange, I took another personal loan, which will be reaching my account by tomorrow. This is the third time in this year and this is a huge burden on me that will last for next few years, but do you know why I’m doing this, I could have declared my company bankrupt 5-6 months back and whatever money I had can save for a long vacation and start again, once the recession is over. But I did all this for you [believe it or not], cause I have faith in you, I built this team with my own hands, like my own children and never wanted to loose.

You all want to leave fine, think from my side, what I gained from all this suffering and in the end can’t even keep my team!!

You are talking about integrity, did I ever cheat you guys, other than delayed salary, where I don’t have much control!! I paid RM500 extra, but the anger due to salary delay was so overpowering that you never even noticed, but that did cost me a lot of money!!

I know this is the last leg of these problems and if we can somehow endure now, we will prevail and you all have to support me. There are lots of positive things happening, but it will take at least another 2-3 months to have things fully turn around. We are talking to many investors, people are quite interested in whatever we are doing, but for them to take decision, it will take some time.

I’m not sure you guys believe me or not, but its okay, sometime parents have to be hard. I just wanna say, I’m true to my heart and soul in whatever I’m doing and will be doing everything possible to save my company and my family and I can just hope that you guys support me in this!!

Thank you

PS: The money, I’m getting tomorrow is not sufficient to pay you all in full, so to some I’ll pay partial and hopefully can pay everyone by early next week.

p/s : aku dah tatau nak ckp ape agi..alasan neh sama gak alasan 4 bulan lepas bila baya gaji lambat. duet 500rat dia kasi tuh awal2 dia nak potong dr gaji seterusnye. tp bile ktorg ngamok, so dia tuka sebagai bonus. aku nyampah sbb gaji mamat2 india len sampai belas ribu dia bole bayar.pastu pandai pulak diorg belakon.. @#*%$I*+@$%^$#@$

oke.. xbaik memaki kan...

7 Orang Baik Hati:

~@RniE~ said...

dia bercakap macam aku neh share partner company ke hapa.. aku bukan nye dpt profit pon kalo company untung. aku bergantung pada gaji jer..

Alasan recession neh macam da lapuk. aku tgk company len oke jer. siap ade bos bole pegi vacation lagi. Malaysia xde la teruk gile recession macam kt US kan..

xdelaa bodoh sgt aku neh...cess...

Mohd Izzat Amir said...

mmg xleh pkai..blah je..n make sure jgn keja dgn company yg ada keling dlm management..mmg keling suxxx...

2elVe said...

hmmm...nampaknye recession maseh menjadi bahan utk dia...mmg diakui economy dunia x oke..tp its getting better..M'sia didn't suffer as much as other country...in fact..this company only worked with company based in Msia..there shouldnt be any huge prob..the reason dia cakap u all x appreciate dia kasi 5rat tu, nonsense..itu pun sbb dia gak yg lambat bagi gaji..from my point of view..u shud somehow show that PB is paying the INDIAN all those high salary when at the same time u all suffer..just to be fair..since ur Admin officer (Effie) will also leave the company..try to convince her to lodge a report..n dont forget to state the facts in which the foreigner always get paid (in large sum each) when u guys weren't...althought i have the experience working with private sector but what u guys have endured are really terrible..nobody shud be treated this way..its the company job to come out with the money..the employee(u guys), have worked ur a*s off for the company..u all deserve to get paid..since all this issues are internal affairs, so it is wise that u guys solve this matter internally..unite n try to come out with a solution that will benefit u guys..all the best..

From : 2elVe

Hantu Ulam said...

keling memang suke belit-belitkan citer..

xyah percaya! kalo dapat offer lagi bagus blah jer.xyah dah pk die..

anggap sebagai anak la kunun. x hagak-hagak.

hish..Selamat Hari Raya ;)

wan naja said...

haih...blaah la arni dr situ...cari pengalaman baru pulak...depa igt pusat kebajikan ke?keje tanpa payment...buduh tul itu K**^^g...

Ain said...

klu aku jadik ko arni..
lame da aku blah..
tak sanggup den nk stay lagi..
company aku yg US based(which means gets affected ngn economic crisis) pn bole je bayar gaji kami neh..adeihh~

~@RniE~ said...

tuh laa...company neh deal ngn company dlm msia je. bukan kat luar pon..tp bg alasan recession bagai..

ntah laa...sedeh bile kenang balik..padalah ktorg keja cam kuli batak neh xdapat profit company pon..

sedeh ah ah...

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